When Did Winter Arrive?

When Did Winter Arrive?

I’m sure at some point in time I complained about the hot Tokyo summers. Well, I take it all back now. I want the sun and blistering heat back. It beats the cold, rainy days we’ve been having all this week. Seriously though, what is up with this weather, Tokyo? Last Thursday I was sweating on a beautiful 25 degree sunshine day. However Friday dragged along winter. We completely skipped Autumn and the cool weather it brings. Instead, winter is here and I’m unable to accept it. 

When I first arrived, the weather was cold and wet. I almost never turned the heat on in my apartment because I am cheap and was completely broke at the time. I didn’t even have a sweater I could wear and instead resorted to wearing my winter coat indoors. This year I’m going to be ready. I bought a cheap fuzzy sweater at Uniqlo on Tuesday and I almost purchased sweatpants. I decided against it because I don’t own sweatpants and haven’t worn any in more than half a decade. However, I know what winter feels like in my apartment and one pair of leggings is not going to cut it. I’ll probably be buying some sweatpants this week. 

Ugh, I also need to buy rain pants. I had to bike to School in the rain on Monday. Today I took the bus instead because of the rain. Considering that my schools serve me enough food to feed two of me I need all the cardio I can get. 

In the meantime, I’m currently taking applications for cuddle buddies. Stay warm, my friends.

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