New Smiling Faces

New Smiling Faces

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been incredibly busy at work, working 5 days a week and 6 days the last two weeks. Sometimes my days are short since school finished early, but working with children is exhausting. Last night I went to bed at 18h30 and woke up at 6 this morning. Almost 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep and I still look like a hot mess today. However, in my chaotic schedule I found time to write two posts at school on my tablet (I haven’t even had many planning periods lately either). However, something is wrong with my app on my tablet as one post received error messages when I tried to upload it and I lost all content. The other uploaded a blank post. So yeah, I’ll need to figure out what is going with that app. I’m hastily typing this post on my phone while walking to the station. It’s 9 degrees Celsius outside and I’m not sure how much longer my figures will retain mobility. It may be time to upgrade to winter coat season.

Anyway, last week was a crazy busy week. I worked 6 days straight, including some night classes. This week was scheduled to be easier since one of my regular schools didn’t have me scheduled this week. I had Wednesday day time and all day Thursday free. I knew I’d finally catch up on my Japanese. Tuesday afternoon my company called asking if I could sub on Wednesday for a sick instructor. Side note: my fingers are currently frozen and I’m jam packed in a train. I know our coordinators are crazy busy and work really hard. Plus, they are all nice girls and I try my best to make their lives easier. When they call asking me to sub, I always accept and end their search. Plus, when it comes to bonuses I don’t want my company to find any excuse for not giving me my full amount. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, as the saying goes. Plus, I need the money. 

I accepted this assignment even though I really didn’t want to. I wanted to stay home and study. The school was missing flashcard so I had to print my own. Luckily, my HS friend and neighbor Tuesday night and gave me ideas. 

Wednesday I arrived super early at the school with the coordinator. Oh how I longer to instead be sleeping in my cozy bed. I sorted through the materials and headed to the first class. The students were adorable (of course this is Japan), calm, smart, loveable, and all other good adjectives. They were a dream class. That school was a dream school. It reminded me of my dream school. The principal was really nice and spoke great English. The students were all wonderful and the staff was friendly. I was really happy to sub at this school. 

After school, my company called informing me that the instructor was still sick and they therefore needed me to teach at her school on Thursday. I was really looking forward to the day off, and considering she didn’t ask me, I couldn’t really turn it down. The second school students weren’t as well behaved as the first school, but the voice principal was super friendly. I still enjoyed my day. Although, at the end of the day I was completely exhausted and went to bed at 18h30. 

I’m looking forward to the end of the year just so that my schedule calms down a bit. The worst part about being busy is that I don’t even have time to study Japanese. I’m too busy and tired to study. 

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