Halloween in Tokyo

Halloween in Tokyo

So I wrote this article the day after Halloween while I was at school. I went home and tried to upload it, but somehow the file was corrupted and there was no way to find a previous version on my tablet. Then, I wrote it a second time on my tablet and it also self destructed. As a result, I’ve had to start avoiding writing on my tablet. So, I apologize that writing this article for a third time has taken me so long. Imagine it’s November 1 while you read this.

Halloween was yesterday and in between assignments I went window shopping. Many stores had already shoved their Halloween stuff aside (ready to discount the next day) and already had the Christmas stuff up. I feel just like I’m in America, minus the fact that Christmas here is just an idea. My Japanese friend, let’s call her Snow White from now on, even mentioned she had no idea what it stood for nor that people exchange presents.

Anyway, there is plenty of time to talk about Christmas. I want to talk about Halloween Japan style. Well, my abridged version, anyway.

Halloween was a lot of fun. While it wasn’t the best Halloween I’ve ever had, it was still interesting. I’ve always really liked Halloween. I’ve always had dreams of creating a splendid homemade Halloween costume that would impressed everyone with it’s creativeness and quality. However, my procrastination combined with my refusal to spend a lot of money always leads to mediocre homemade costumes at best.

DoD told me that Halloween in Shibuya is intense; people create detailed costumes and your idea is everything. There is no 50% effort here. Sometime in August, I thought of a brilliant Halloween costume; it was relevant and fitting. My genius idea was to make a Moana costume. In Japan, no one would make a better Moana than me. I had months to make this costume. I told everyone and their mother my Halloween costume idea. Even as the date free near, I was convinced I could still make a beautiful costume. Even when I was unsure if I could realistically make the costume, I continued to tell people my idea. If you haven’t guessed where I’m going with this, I wasn’t Moana for Halloween. I procrastinated too long, didn’t feel like spending the time or money, and finally settled on buying a 300¥ accessory from the store. Although I was disappointed in my own lack of motivation, in the end I was the only one in my group of friends with a costume, well with anything. I did a killer smokey eye and called myself a doll.

I found this gem while hunting for a cheap accessory. If only I were a man. They have the best costume ideas.
Which would you choose? Swan or a turtle?

My friends and I met in Shibuya and we then joined forces with DoD and his friend. When we first arrived, it was raining so it was complete mayhem with umbrellas and throngs of people. The rain soon stopped, and people unleashed their craziness. While there were a lot of people, I think many stayed home because of the rain. I didn’t think it was anything special. I didn’t see many amazing costumes that I thought were completely genius and we’ll made. I’m sure many of the costumes were from anime that I didn’t recognize. For some reason, I envisioned an outdoor party and gathering event similar to my favorite Halloween years at university. However, it really was just drunk people walking around.

My only solo selfie of the night which happened to be on snapchat.

Before I knew it, the last train was approaching, and most of my friends made their way to the station. I decided to go to Roppongi with DoD and his friend. I’m not sure why I didn’t just go home. The night wasn’t exactly spectacular, but maybe I hoped things would be more fun in Roppongi. We ate kebab and made our way to a nightclub they knew in Roppongi. The place was small, like everywhere in Tokyo, and easily packed. They were playing top 40s music and I immediately got my groove on. However, DoD and I only had stamina to dance for a few hours. Neither of us were drunk; therefore, time passed slowly. Both of us were ready to leave at around 2h30 or 3h. I cursed myself for staying out until first train because I had 2 more hours stuck in this bar. I began desperately desiring my bed.

Waiting for the last train. DoD and I swapped accessories.

We tried as much as possible to enjoy the two hours we had left, but DoD was doing worst than I was. Yes, I wanted to sleep, but had I been the only one, I would have sucked it up and tried my best to enjoy the night. His friend was completely wasted and off doing his own thing. DoD and I only had each other for company and our excitement level was low. I felt bad for him, actually, because at the end of the night he was absolutely miserable. Finally, the trains started running, and you can bet we were on the first ones out of there.

All in all, I had a good time on Halloween, even if I wouldn’t hard core party again in Tokyo.


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