Welcome! I’m Sally and this blog originally started as a documentation of my life as an au pair in the South of France. However, I’ve experienced much more than your typical nanny mishaps. After one year in France, I hit the road and backpacked through Europe and Asia. In January 2016, I returned home to the US. I joined my sister in Orlando, Florida and spent a year working as a structural engineer. However, I was (and still am) too young to slave away behind a computer all day.

I embarked on my next adventure in March 2017 as an English teacher Tokyo, Japan. I can honestly admit that I had zero interest in residing in Asia prior to my backpacking trip. Yet, after my backpacking adventure, I fell in love with Japan. I knew I had to further explore this crazy/beautiful country. Plus, I always dreamed of living in a bustling major world city so why not live in one of the craziest? I will spend the next year learning Japanese and eating enough Japanese food to last a lifetime.

So, why the nickname Salty Sally?

I was at university during the height of “Guitar Hero” fever and my friends and I were constantly playing in between classes (we probably should have instead We used those hours for studying). One day, my friend Dena created a group band and gave us all themed nicknames. The group name was an abbreviated version of Sundae Toppings. Dena bestowed on me the nickname ‘Salty Sally.’ Imagine my outrage at such an insult. Who on earth puts salt on an ice cream sundae?! I thought she was subtly implying that I was ruining our group dynamic. Maybe they have a thing against Ravenclaws. Fortunately, Dena confessed that she was simply a fan of the alliteration. She brilliantly justified that peanuts belong on a sundae and those are salty; thus, I had no choice but to reluctantly accept my nickname. I fought it for months, but in the end, I chose to embrace the nickname. Soon after, a few other friends started referring to me as ‘Salty Sally’ or ‘Salty’ for short. Fast-foward eight years or so, and we all still use our Sundae Toppings nicknames. It’s strangely become an integral part of my identity.

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